UL 2020 Webinar Series

2020 Softlines Webinar Series

The textile, apparel and footwear industry is constantly evolving. With changing regulations, new supply chain requirements, and with innovative products hitting retail shelves constantly, staying up-to-date can be exhausting. With all that in mind, UL wants to help. Please see below for a list of our 2020 complimentary webinars for the softlines industry. Our goal is to share our knowledge and insights with softlines companies as we strive toward our mission of a safer world.

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2020 Toy Webinars Series

From new harmonized standards to specific regulation updates, UL wants to keep you up to date on all changes that are taking place within the toy industry to help your products remain in compliance in the upcoming years.

Several regulatory changes will affect the toy industry in 2020. We have organized a comprehensive series of webinars for you about these regulatory updates to help share this knowledge with you and your supply chain. Attend our webinars to be prepared to continue to create safe toys for children around the globe.

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2020 Food Contact Webinar Series

From new harmonized standards to specific regulation updates, UL supports manufacturers in their drive to protect public health and to comply with rigorous industry regulations and standards in an effort to bring safe and high-quality food contact materials to market.

In our Food Contact Webinar Series we will discuss about US, European and Asian markets access.  Check your preferred language and register now!
We remain at your disposal for any clarifications.

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Building Sustainable, Climate-Resilient Supply Chains

As the threats of the climate crisis become ever more real, the onus is on businesses to future-proof operations through effective engagement with the supply chain. From comprehensive measurement and auditing through to the development of collaborative initiatives to spur collective action – this is arguably the most important piece of the sustainability puzzle.

This edie webinar, hosted in association with UL, will bring together a selection of sustainability and supply chain experts to showcase how organisations large and small can engage with suppliers to deliver deep decarbonisation and accelerate climate action.

Specifically, the webinar will equip energy and sustainability professionals with unique insights into how to spur the use of renewable energy among suppliers; enhance social sustainability at every point in the chain; and monitor and report progress.

Discussion points

  •  Carrot or stick: How to decarbonise your supply chain?
  •  The role of transparency and risk analysis in future-proofing product supply
  •  Looking beyond the ‘four walls’ to drive sustainability

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