This next ‘golden quarter’ can help make or break retailers’ annual P&L. Until now, retailers have been able to make vital decisions on purchasing and fulfilment during this period based on historical data. This just isn’t going to cut it this year, as COVID continues to impact market conditions, disrupt supply chains and create a volatility in footfall which – with the ever-looming threat of a second wave and/or more localised lockdowns in the winter months ahead – defies precedent.

We don’t know what Christmas on the high street will look like this year. But we can help you make the right, real-time decisions to meet consumer demand, maximise operational efficiencies and protect your bottom line during this crucial period.  

In partnership with IBM, we’ll bring you case studies, practical advice and world-leading expertise on using real-time intelligence (from traffic, to weather, to transport and health) to enhance your decision-making capabilities and maximise opportunities in the vital months ahead.

Join this webinar to find out how you can:

  • Enhance your planning, buying and merchandising choices using real time data
  • Gain a dynamic view of your stock on-site and in transit to optimise your inventory decisions
  • Flex your operations in line with shifting consumer behaviours and touchpoints
  • Bring all of this together to maximise your customer loyalty and profit


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