Following the outbreak of COVID-19, BRC Learning has created an innovative and challenging learning environment for established and emerging leaders.

Through a mix of keynote sessions and peer-to-peer learning, The Changing Leadership Landscape - Foundation develops the vital leadership skills and behaviours to enable the retail sector to discover its future.

Why Attend

  • Develop the people skills of established and emerging leaders.
  • Explore what leadership means in an intensely changing world.
  • Collaborate with fellow retail leaders to learn, develop and evolve.

Who Should Attend

  • Graduate Managers in Retail Operations & Head Office Functions
  • Department Managers
  • Store Managers of Independents


Thought-leadership Inspirational Keynote Speakers – Delegates gain access to industry leading keynote speakers who will offer the latest thought leadership, retail trends and themes.

Thought-leadership Group Leader Led Interactions – Experienced Group Leaders will work with smaller group to discuss the themes, frame key learnings and share individual and group work to be completed. Delegates also have the opportunity to take on leadership responsibilities on behalf of the group for certain group tasks.

Access to free webinars Peer to peer learning – For the duration of the programme, Group Leaders will actively encourage our delegates to support and challenge each other. The aim is to create a learning environment that delivers team success and individual learning objectives. There will be group work, individual tasks and team challenges to complete between workshops, to add a continuous learning element to the programme.

Thought-leadership Team Challenge - Following successful completion and attendance of the programme workshops, our delegates, in their learning groups, will create an innovative people leadership approach for a new retail business. Including what results, team and business improvements they would expect to see in the business by adopting this strategy. Groups will then be invited to present their innovative approach, in their own creative way, to the Foundation Programme Team of Programme Manager, Programme Director and selected Group Leaders and Keynote Speakers.


We might traditionally call this - Leadership for Managers

What we want delegates to ask is: What place of leadership can I take at the heart of my organisation regardless of my role? How can I ensure that my organisational culture is one of liberating and inclusive leadership and not potential over management?

Exploring the leadership skills required to inhabit a leadership role. To analyse the importance of understanding who you are or who you are now? How do you develop your strengths in your role? How can you increase your awareness of your blind spots? What does a successful people leader now look like, one that enables inclusivity, liberation, and empowerment? How can you better understand what different leadership styles and stances look like?

We might traditionally call this - Building Effective Teams

What we want delegates to ask is: Now that the historical connection between the worker and the workplace has been severed, and work is not somewhere I go but something I do, how do I create psychologically safe environments where teams can thrive? How will I nurture teams in a way that protects the right for individual’s to be different?

Exploring inspirational leadership and the innovative methods used to create great engagement. What are the demands of our newly shaping teams and the roles that are appearing within them? What is required of you as a leader to continue to motivate yourself and others during changing times?

We might traditionally call this - Wellbeing

What we want delegates to ask is: How can I respect my team as unique people not just a resource, welcoming all that they bring to the workplace? How can I understand potential under performance through the lens of being human? How can I as a non-trained wellbeing professional enable team members to be truthful about their challenges, vulnerabilities, emotional and mental health?

Exploring mental health and the impact it has on our people and organisations. What is mental health and how can we better understand our mental wellbeing? What are the practical tools and techniques that I can use to develop my wellbeing approach? How can I best approach this subject where I am not the trained professional?

We might traditionally call this - Coaching and Change Masterclass

What we want delegates to ask is: How can I be with another individual, truly hear them, leave my agenda aside so I can support them through change? How can I work with uncertainty and ambiguity, collaborate with another person to allow then to create their own momentum forward?

Exploring coaching techniques and how to use them in an environment of continuous change. What does great coaching look like when people are experiencing so much change? What are the models that I can use in my everyday approach to lead my team?


BRC Members: £299 +VAT / Non-members: £399 +VAT.

SPECIAL OFFER: If you also book your place on the 2021 OSS Foundation Leadership Programme we'll discount the price of next year's residential by the amount you've paid for The Changing Leadership Landscape.

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