Open Banking is coming, or is it already here? With PSD2 forcing banks to open up like never before, we are seeing a transformation of how people can manage their money.

Tipped to be the next revolution in financial services, we explore how new payment innovation such as Payment Initiation Services will create huge potential for positive disruption in how customers can pay.

The session will give you some high-level insight of how the landscape has changed so far and how evolving your payment strategies could result in real cost savings.

If you are a Finance Community Member, regular Community Meeting will be held after a lunch break at 12.30.

Why Attend?

- Build awareness and understanding about Open Banking as an opportunity to reduce the cost of payments for businesses and the quality of customer journeys for consumers;

- Demonstration of how Open Banking and Open Finance enable increased competition, innovation and customer choice in payments and financial services;

- A forum for retailers and payment providers to discuss and consider innovative payments and data propositions.


09.45 - 10:15: Arrival and registration

10.15 - 10:20: BRC Welcome  

10.20 - 10:30: Scene-setting from BRC

10.30 - 10:50: Presentation from Amex

10.50 - 11:30: Roundtable Discussion

11.30 - 12:00: Final thoughts and key takeaways

12.00: Close

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