The government’s migration advisory committee (MAC) has today issued a report saying that free movement from the EU should end after Brexit and the UK should embrace a Canada-style system in which there is no preferential access to the labour market for citizens of any other country. You can read the report here

Commenting, Helen Dickinson, Chief Executive of the BRC said:

“EEA nationals play an invaluable role in the retail industry and its supply chains. The retail industry accepts that free movement from the EU is coming to an end but tightly restricting the migration system would have a negative impact on consumers.

"A quick inspection of any warehouse, food factory or city centre store will reveal how vital EU migrant workers are in serving British consumers, and that it is not only detrimental to agriculture to restrict access to EEA nationals. Failing to account for that in a future immigration system will have a profound effect on British retail.

"The industry needs a system that enables swift and straight-forward recruitment across skill levels, which does not significantly increase the cost of employment. The government should publish the details of the new system sooner rather than later to ensure consumers and businesses are not adversely affected.”