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The fashion retail industry has been particularly hard hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. The seasonal nature of fashion coupled with customer deprivation of a good reason to dress up under lockdown are among the many challenges particular to the sector.

“Of all retail categories, fashion has suffered the most from the impact of coronavirus.”
Kyle Monk, Head of Insights and Analytics at the BRC.

Fortunately, the UK has one of the most versatile and technologically advanced fashion industries in the world – and we know speaking to fashion retailers in our community that this has helped many brands and retailers mitigate some of the negative effects of lockdown.

“The days of opening shops in every location, and filling them with stock to sell are well and truly gone. There has been a marked shift to online interaction with brands during the lockdown and closure of retail stores. I believe that much of the learnings of the past three months for brands and customers alike are here to stay."
Neil Hobson, Head of Retail at Toast

As we face a future in which the fast-forward button has been pressed on digital transformation, we are confident the UK fashion industry will continue to set the trends, both in terms of style and innovation.

In response to the pandemic, Validify have teamed up with Drapers to produce the Retail Rebound report focused on solutions to some of the unique challenges the fashion sector faces, now and in the future.

The report is full of interviews and insights from the UK's most prominent fashion retailers and some of the best fashion technology solutions in the Validify community, who are working tirelessly to help the fashion retail industry bounce back fast!

As the world get-to-grips with an evolving “new normal”, this report aims to help fashion businesses set a course to recovery – one where collaboration and partnerships are a path to not only innovation, but transformation.
Graeme Moran, Associate Editor, Drapers

You can download the report for free here -

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