BRC Associate Members have been getting in touch with us about products and services they can offer which retailers may find helpful during this time, and we are keen to share these with you.

We will be adding to this list on a regular basis so please do keep checking this page.

Pandemic awareness

Customer communications

  • Google My Business can help you keep customers informed of your current trading status, including temporary closures. You can change your hours of operation, or add more details to your description, for example if your restaurant moves to takeaway or delivery only. The updates will show on your Business Profile on Google Search and Maps.

Market and customer insights

  • Google has provided 10 top tips so you can get the most from their Google Trends tool, which can help give you valuable insight into changing consumer needs and behaviours during this unprecedented time.

L&D resources

financial support

  • CMSPI are supporting merchants across the globe to conduct a thorough ‘health check’ of invoices, including claiming rebates, that require minimal resource from merchants and are risk free. This could help save your business money in these difficult times. Visit their website or get in touch with George Willis, Head of Global Business Development.

HR support

  • Connectr is a learning, communications and support platform for employers and their staff. The platform has been specifically re-engineered to help retail employers and staff ‘At Risk’ or on Furlough. It is designed to help: Reduce the risk of losing key staff; Provide a way to maintain high levels of engagement with Furloughed or At Risk staff; Support with advice, health and wellbeing; Re-on board staff and ramp back up to full productivity as quickly as possible. Connectr is run by My Kinda Future who are running a series of free webinars about the platform and how it works.


  • SoftServe, a digital consulting company, has created an in-store computer vision and mobile app solution to help retailers implement effective social distancing: Perform people counting at the store’s entrance using existing cameras capabilities; Manage customer flows; Physical queue management with digital signage integration and in-app personnel notifications; Quick deployment - Cloud-based solution with minimal hardware requirement to be up and running quickly; Valuable use cases even after COVID-19 pandemic. For more information on SoftServe’s Retail Social Distancing Solution, visit their website or contact Frances Chalmers at


If you are a BRC Associate Member with products and services that can help retailers address immediate issues and concerns related to the coronavirus, or if you have insights and thought-leading content that can help retailers and their staff during this time, please do share with us at