The UK Government has announced new details of its Trader Support Service (TSS) to help businesses operating in Northern Ireland with the costs and red tape involved with customs, safety and security declarations from 1 January. 

It is providing £200m of funding to help businesses meet the costs involved of customs declarations, plus safety and security declarations in terms of goods moving from GB to NI. This funding will apply for an initial two year period. 

The Policy Paper provides further guidance on the processes you will need to follow to move goods in both directions across the Irish Sea to NI. It also describes how goods will move tariff and paperwork free from NI to ROI. 

The TSS will not apply to import VAT nor to sanitary and phytosanitary measures arising from the Protocol. The NIRC and BRC are proposing a solution to the UK Government and the Specialised Committee (with the EU) for an authorised supply chain system to help NI consumers continue to receive goods in store or online without effects on availability and costs. 

Find the detailed guidance in the links below plus a form for expressing an interest in the new TSS.

Policy Paper on moving goods between GB and NI

Policy Paper: Moving goods from GB to NI

Policy Paper: Moving goods from NI to GB

Policy Paper: Moving goods from NI to the EU

Policy Paper: Moving goods from NI to RoW

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