Helen Dickinson OBE, Chief Executive, British Retail Consortium: “Holidays, summer sun and sporting success put consumers in the mood for eating and drinking. As a result, we saw searches related to food and drink grow 11% compared to the previous year. The fact that many of those searches were for recipes, rather that specific products, should give some food for thought to retailers looking to enhance their grocery sales through their online offering.

 There were no surprises that barbeques and meat and poultry were the most popular categories searched for on smartphones over the summer months, although Prosecco and Coconut Oil proved to be the most popular search terms.

 This quarter also underlined the rapid rise of smartphones as the device of choice for online searching, being a popular choice for consumers searching for all things food and drink. “

Martijn Bertisen, Retail Director, Google: “Again, we're seeing a steady growth in the food and groceries category driven by smartphone penetration. With almost everyone carrying a supercomputer in their pocket, we can see an even distribution of searches from mobile across the UK. This means the industry can tap into a more immediate and rich dataset of intention and adjust their mobile strategies to respond to an ever connected consumer. Whether they are searching for trending holiday-inspired cuisines from Asia and Latin America or summer drinks like mojitos, consumers are expecting fast, mobile and personal results from the brands they love.”