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BRC COVID Hotspot Tracker

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    Kyle Monk Director of Insight | BRC

Latest report - week 31, week commencing 27th July.

This report contains a ranked view of areas with the highest weekly increase in COVID caseload, including week on week change and absolute change for  week 29 (ending July 17th).

In this report Yorkshire & the Humber top the high-level regions for new cases, with 499 new positive diagnoses. Leicester had the highest number of cases for a sub-region with 241 new cases, this was 37% lower than the prior week.

The following analysis is produced using data available via Public Health England (PHE). Data is sourced from their ‘Second Generation Surveillance System (SGSS)’. New diagnosed cases for a given week are released with a minimum two-week lag. The report will always contain the latest available week. Data is only currently available for England and its regions. Publication dates are not provided by PHE so updates to this report will be irregular.

This report uses three measures to give some sense of the risk of a local lockdown in any one area, these are:

  • New cases: Total new cases diagnoses in the single week represented, both Pillar 1 and Pillar 2.
  • WoW Variance: The Week-On-Week change between the most current week and prior week.
  • Absolute WoW change: The difference in case numbers between the current and prior week.


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