British Gas Business
address 2600 John Smith Drive
Oxford Business Park

British Gas Business is a wholly owned subsidiary of Centrica plc; a top FTSE100 company with more than 34,000 employees worldwide.  Our business is active in every stage in the energy chain, from sourcing energy to storing and saving it. Our extensive capabilities are reinforced by a commitment to customer focus, high corporate standards and responsible leadership.

Under our British Gas brand, we supply more than 750,000 UK customer sites with gas and electricity, including SME businesses, large corporate companies, as well as local authorities, hospitals and other public and private sector organisations.

At British Gas Business we see ourselves as a 21st Century Energy Company with a unique 200 year heritage. Borne out of the Westminster Gas Light and Coke Company (established 1812), the world’s first public utility company, we have never forgotten our roots lighting the gas lamps of London nor the promise to work for the wider good.

Our specialist team of energy experts has years of experience supporting large business energy consumers in the retail industry. We understand that retail companies have a variety of operational requirements, which means one size does not fit all. Having a flexible approach to support your energy needs can make a positive difference to the day-to-day running of your business.

This enables us to help retailers make the right buying choices, use energy wisely and invest in low carbon generation.

Our passion is to ensure that our customers are our true partners. Our strategy is about satisfying the changing needs of our customers. Serving our customers is what we are known for, what we are good at and where we have distinctive capabilities.