Planalytics, Inc.
address North American Headquarters
920 Cassatt Road
PA 19312
United States

European Headquarters
100 Pall Mall - St. James

Planalytics is the global leader in Business Weather Intelligence® helping companies effectively assess and proactively address how the weather impacts their business.  Our analytics, online tools and services help companies measure and manage the impact of weather throughout all facets of an organization.

We are the pioneers of climate-driven solutions, making it possible for companies to use weather as a metric in their everyday business practices.

Planalytics was founded in 1996. Throughout our history, Planalytics has evolved from a data provider to a consulting firm, and since 2004, a SAAS platform. Through emerging cloud technologies, our weather analytics are now available faster and more efficiently than ever before.

In 2001, Planalytics expanded our global footprint by opening an office in the United Kingdom. Today, we serve all of Europe, Mexico and Latin America. As our client base has grown, so have we.

Our experience over the years in a multitude of industries and areas within an organization has led us to develop the capabilities to weatherize an entire business.