Suzohapp (UK) Limited
address 110 Broadway
M50 2UW

Suzohapp (UK) Limited is a leading global player in cash processing with patented, world-leading solutions. The search for new and better solutions is propelling the company forward towards a successful future.

The expertise of Suzohapp (UK) Limited as a full-service partner has evolved to serve five main business segments - banking, retail, CIT/cash centres, public transport and gaming & amusement. Experience gained from one segment is often applied in innovative crossover solutions to drive improvements in other segments.

Today, Suzohapp (UK) Limited is an international group with direct local operations in 14 countries. In combination with an extensive network of distribution partners, Suzohapp (UK) Limited covers some 120 countries. the company offers one of the world's most comprehensive ranges of hardware and software solutions for coin and note handling.

Within the specific retail arena, Suzohapp (UK) Limited offers cash processing solutions to all sizes of retail operations. From back office coin and note processing hardware and software systems, to closed loop cash handling systems that protect both your cash and your staff, our systems reduce risk, increase accuracy, minimise loss and offer a cost effective solution to all of your cash handling requirements.