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Climate Action Roadmap

Climate Action Roadmap

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BRC - EY Future Consumer Index

Sustainability has rapidly become one of the central drivers for consumer purchasing behaviours. Whether it be a product’s impact on wildlife, climate change, whether it is locally sourced, or a shift towards plant-based diets, there are a range of consumer trends that have the potential to accelerate over the coming months and years.

That's why the BRC and EY have come together to produce a series of insights into how the consumer of the future will act and buy, to help retail leaders plan for the months and years ahead. These insights have now been released in the report: 'BRC/EY Future Consumer Index - What does sustainability mean for the UK consumer?'

The report looks at how consumer preferences shift based on a variety of factors, from education and clarity, the difference between intentions and actions, generational divides, priorities for retail, and provides insights that you can incorporate into your business' plans, and is free to download now.