For the fourth year, this report, driven by research from MBS and the British Retail Consortium, explores the status of diversity and inclusion (D&I) in the retail sector today. Driven by interviews with CEOs, HRDs and Chairs across the industry, it updates on insights and progress three years on from the original report in 2021.

The latest report also builds on the progress of the D&I Charter, a change programme developed in collaboration with MBS and our D&I partners, RPC LLP. The charter acts as a forum for members to collaborate and share best practice, and provides signatories with exclusive access to tailored roundtables covering a diverse range of topics to help members with their D&I strategies.

In this webinar, together with the MBS team, we’ll explore key findings from the 2024 Diversity & Inclusion in UK Retail report, welcoming questions and feedback from attendees.

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