'Primed for Inclusion'

During the past year, the BRC has been working with members to create the Better Jobs D&I charter, a set of pledges that include accountability for D&I from the top, transparency, and empowering employees to be involved in the organisations vision and values.

We have therefore teamed up with The Centre for Inclusive Leadership (TCFIL) to run "Primed for Inclusion" Masterclass; a series of 2 workshops that will support leaders in creating the conditions for their people to perform and contribute meaningfully, keeping them engaged, informed, and included. 

who should attend?

Senior Managers, L&D Leaders, Heads of People, HRDs and D&I/Culture Managers

what will you experience?

Workshop One on 6 July (120 minutes) - a facilitated discussion exploring the challenges of the new workplace and changing workforce.


Introduction & context: setting the scene; understanding the importance of this conversation in Retail.

What is inclusive leadership: gain an understanding that true leadership is, by definition, an inclusive leadership.

The cost of exclusion: explore the cost of inclusion at an individual level.

The tale of O: see how easy it is for anyone to be "othered". Make an emotional connection to the discussion at a personal level.

Fitting In/Fitting Together: exploring the dangers of fitting in and the benefits of fitting together.

The Impact of Inclusion: the positive benefits a culture of inclusion brings.

The Performance Formula: links between treatment, performance and profit.

Inclusion Identity Markers: inclusion put into practice and real-life scenarios.

Workshop Two on 20th July (120 minutes) - a knowledge exchange built on the learnings from Workshop 1.  An opportunity to get the practical solutions based on real-life examples and to put them in practice.


  • Get a practical framework which you can easily and repeatedly implement in your organisation.
  • The measures you can take to interrupt your biases.
  • The measures you can take to treat everyone equally.
  • The importance of authenticity and fostering authenticity in others.
  • What it means to respect yourself and others for who you are and your value.
  • Take simple actions to avoid creating an environment of exclusion and create a culture of inclusion.
  • Reflect upon your learnings during the workshops.

Delivery Format:

We will deliver the workshops via Zoom with breakout sessions, facilitator led exercises and open discussion forums. To get most out of the workshops, we recommend the retailers attend both dates. 

Why leaders will benefit from attending?

Leaders determine the culture - they are role models whether or not they choose to be; they set the tone for their teams and business.

Diversity is not the same as inclusion - they are interdependent, not interchangeable words, and inclusion needs to be managed.

Workplace inclusion drives productivity - inclusion allows you to get value from diversity.

Workplace inclusion works best when senior leadership sets the tone; managers value diversity and manage inclusion, and when the entire organisation has shared accountability.

How an inclusive leader leads - an inclusive leader listens, treats people equally well, is authentic, respects others and seeks to get value from diversity.

TCFIL specialises in workplace inclusion. They are passionate about elevating human experience and their mission is to end workplace inequality by enabling people to be their best selves and do their best work.



Cost: Member - £599 + VAT, Non-Member - £718 + VAT

We have limited places on this programme so reserve your seat now