22nd - 26th February 2021 - A strategic leadership development programme for Senior Managers, Directors and Business Owners with influence over business strategy.

The Masters Programme is a unique digital experience for retail business leaders to understand the future direction of our industry as we emerge from the turbulence and trauma of 2020.

Through discussions and debate with peers from across the sector, eminent experts and key note speakers the Masters provides delegates with the opportunity to explore:

  • Leading your business to future success - Creating an agile, resilient, data savvy business against the backdrop of COVID-19, Brexit, climate change, social injustice, sustainability, complex supply chains and ethical sourcing.
  • Leadership capabilities – Understanding financial dexterity and how to lead teams remotely, plus the skills required for businesses to thrive in the next 3 years such as Data Science, AI and Robotics.
  • Future proofing your business – exploring the critical elements that allow a retail business to thrive, survive and excel. Delegates will have an opportunity to then apply them to a live case study.

answering the big questions

  • What will the retail landscape look like in 2021 and beyond?
  • What are the future skills required to create a successful, agile and data-driven business?
  • How do you win customers in the tough competitive market?
  • How do you maintain the agility witnessed during the height of the pandemic?
  • How do you win the battle to gain and retain customers in a volatile market?
  • What is the shape, size and focus of a fighting fit business?

Programme learning outcomes

  • Identify the future direction of retail following on from the turbulence created by the pandemic
  • Understand how to create and lead an agile, resilient, data savvy future proofed business
  • Develop a clear view on positioning your businesses in the market - strategic direction, commerciality, customer trends and penetration
  • Explore leading the business in the context of external challenges – COVID-19, Brexit, climate change, social injustice, sustainability, complex supply chains and ethical sourcing

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