Discover how recent innovations in the online customer journey can help your business reduce acquisition costs, retain customer loyalty, and streamline your customer journey.

In this webinar, we will be joined by Molly Walsh from True and by Yasmin Topia, CEO and co-founder of Sociate, to present some of the key trends propelling innovation in the online customer journey.

It will involve an examination of macroeconomic drivers, ballooning technology stacks and rising SaaS costs, as well as the delicate equilibrium between good and bad friction.

We will explore six major areas of opportunity for online retailers and brands across the customer journey:

  • Insights & Analytics
  • Error Detection
  • Customer Protection
  • Search & Recommendations
  • Product Consideration
  • Payments & Checkout

Discover how these developments can support your business and brand to build loyalty and create a future-fit, low-cost customer journey.