We would like to invite you to join us for our upcoming quarterly insights webinar.

Our Insight & Analytics experts, Dr Liliana Danila, Economist, and James Hardiman, Analyst, will provide a detailed analysis of what the easing of restrictions meant for the release of pent-up demand and the retail industry in the three months to July.

This will be framed within the larger economic context. Following two months of solid growth, the pick-up in economic activity appears to have stabilised in May. The recovery is set to continue for the following months with the remaining restrictions being lifted.

But headwinds are picking up speed as the furloughing scheme is unwinding, inflationary pressures are piling up and supply chain disruptions are ongoing. Furthermore, if households become reluctant to socialise as infections rise, spend and growth could lose further momentum. With that in mind, what does the near-term entail for the retail outlook?


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