Driven by the opportunities technology affords, policy decisions by successive Governments and by trends in consumer decision-making, retail is evolving perhaps quicker than any other major industry in the UK.

We know in the near future we can expect stores with fewer colleagues and greater automisation, an ever more sophisticated symbiosis between online and bricks and mortar engagement, a more distributed range of interactions between the customer and the retailer and a redefined role for the authorities. The question is, do we know what those trends mean for retail crime, particularly cyber-crime? And how will retailers deal with that crime?

This event will support and facilitate discussions on how we get to a place where we can predict future threats better, and how might we prepare for them now.

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10 MAy 18

Retail 2020: The 4th Industrial Revolution and its effect on Retail 

12 Jun 18

Annual Retail Industry Lecture

10 OCT 18

Annual Retail Industry Dinner 


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