Our Associate membership is designed for companies who provide services to the retail industry.


Please complete the form below to apply for Associate Membership of the BRC. The cost of Associate Membership is £4,495 (+VAT). Please click here to view our Associate Membership Brochure.


1. I agree to settle all invoices within 30 days of receipt.
2. Should I not renew my BRC membership I will cease to use the BRC Associate Member logo immediately.
3. I understand that the BRC Associate Membership logo cannot be used on sales literature to imply product endorsement and that any mis-use of the BRC Associate Member logo will result in immediate cancellation of our BRC Associate Membership with no refund of membership subscription.
4. I understand that the BRC Associate Member logo is owned and remains the Copyright of the British Retail Consortium.
5. A member may withdraw from membership of the Consortium by giving not less than 3 calendar months’ notice to the Consortium in writing.


By submitting this form, I declare that I have read and agree to the BRC Articles of Association.