Women account for over 60 per cent of the retail workforce, so our members fully recognise the value and importance of harnessing female talent within the workplace.

Many of our members have effective internal programmes focused on career development for women, and the variety of working patterns available in retail is also attractive to many women looking for flexible career options.

We support initiatives that help employers take action to help close the gender pay gap and increase transparency. We believe the publication of gender pay information is one such important initiative.

We do, however, believe the reporting should be simple, unambiguous, genuinely informative and accompanied by additional narrative that ensures the measures are meaningful and, at the same time, not overly costly or burdensome for business.

The recent Government consultation on the draft reporting regulations asked what, if any, modifications should be made. Our recommendations for improvement are:

  • Greater clarity and further refinement should be provided in relation to the definition of pay and the accompanying calculations to ensure compatibility with the ONS approach identified
  • A clear understanding is needed on the time frame for calculations of the mean and median gender pay gaps
  • Greater clarity and further refinement is requested in relation to the nature of the calculation for the gender bonus gap
  • Further refinement is needed if the information in relation to salary quartiles is to be meaningful for the retail industry
  • The option to submit additional contextual information in support of a submission of data is highly desirable