We support UK and EU regulations that guarantee a high level of consumer protection. These protections must be practical and proportionate; they must balance the interests of business and consumers; and they must recognise that protection can never be absolute.

In general, consumer policy should help informed consumers to make the right choices for themselves, guarantee safe products, ensure consumers have relevant information and are not misled and provide options for redress when things go wrong.

Both the UK and the EU have responsibility for consumer protection rules. The UK Consumer Rights Act integrated UK and EU law and consolidated basic consumer rights and options for redress (including legal guarantee rights).

The EU has proposed introducing uniform rules throughout the Union on the guarantees element of the sale of goods (both online and face to face). We believe that it is essential they are practical and proportionate to ensure the implementation is cost effective for retailers.

The EU and UK are reviewing a wide range of consumer protection laws, including directives on unfair commercial practices, sales and guarantees, unfair contract terms, price indication, injunctions and misleading and comparative advertising with a view to ensuring that they remain fit for purpose.

The EU has also produced updated guidance on the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive covering areas such as comparison websites and environmental claims.

Unit pricing is subject to ongoing consideration by the UK government. BRC members have been involved in this work throughout the process and will continue to advise Government to ensure that any resulting proposals are proportionate and work well in practice. Likewise, the BRC and our members worked with the Home Office on a voluntary agreement on the sales of knives to minimize the under age sale of knives both online and offline as part of our policy of working with Government to limit unnecessary legislation.