The summer 2017 edition of 'The Retailer', our online-only magazine, is out now. The digital revolution, technology and the changing shopping landscape take centre stage.

“Transformation is indeed the word of the decade”, writes Trish Young of CMG whilst Jason Shorrock of JDA Software proposes that “retail is in the midst of a digital revolution, from the way products are ordered, right the way through to processing and fulfilment – so much so that it can be difficult to know what to prioritise.”

Packed full of thinking, views and advice from across the industry, this edition also includes:

  • Nick Landon, the Managing Director of Royal Mail Parcels, with insight into the needs of online shoppers this year
  • Neil Pickering of Kronos on how technology alone isn’t enough – it takes humans and technology working together to deliver great customer experiences
  • Lara Bonney, Managing Director of Epsilon Abacus, with a fresh take on the home shopping landscape
  • Joanna Perry of Practicology on how retailers can deliver an outstanding “omnichannel” experience