17th – 23rd August 2019 | Keble College, Oxford

On Saturday 17th August 2019 British Retail Consortium (BRC) Chief Executive Helen Dickinson opened the landmark 90th Academy Programme at Keble College, Oxford. It was a momentous occasion following the acquisition of OSS Retail by the BRC earlier this year.  

OSS Retail was originally founded by the Drapers Chamber of Trade in 1923 after they identified a lack of retail specific development for the industry’s talented leaders. Chamber Members were concerned that talented leaders were being lost to other industries such as manufacturing, construction and finance. In order to protect and strengthen the retail industry they sought to create the highest quality development programme for the most talented leaders. Fast forward 90 years and the focus remains exactly the same, to deliver an inspirational week to develop the future leaders of retail. The Academy Programme is a transformational week which enables delegates to recognise their potential, stretch their talents, challenge their thinking and prepare them to manage the change they’ll see throughout their leadership careers.
The intensive 7-day residential enhances the delegate’s understanding and leadership of five key retail themes: People, Finance, Commercial Planning & Trading, Marketing & Brand and Retail Channels. Delegates use the knowledge gained from the week to improve their personal commercial performance, to drive the commercial performance of their part of the business, as well as enhancing their attitudinal and competency development. OSS Retail develop retail leadership programmes by retailers for retailers.
For the 90th year, Wellbeing was introduced into the Programme through a series of workshops designed for delegates to identify and manage their own wellbeing and that of their teams. The week also included the successful launch of the new ‘omnichannel exercise’ – a challenge whereby delegates working in teams, produce a complete business strategy for a new retail organisation. This includes creating a brand and customer proposition, commercial trading and merchandise plans, a people and wellbeing strategy and finally a 5 year Financial proposal…..all in 8 hours!
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