Commenting on the release of the Government response to the recommendations within Fixing Fashion, the report from the Environmental Audit Committee, Andrew Opie, Director of Food and Sustainability at the British Retail Consortium said:

“We are encouraged that the government has highlighted the crucial role that retail plays in the UK economy as the largest private sector employer and the pioneering, responsible and collective sourcing practices being put in place by retailers, including through initiatives such as Better Retail Better World.

“Retailers are committed to being global leaders in fashion sustainability and are rising to the challenges put to them by the committee. It is because of the efforts of retailers that many of the clothes that we buy today are produced far more sustainably. Our members are increasing the use of sustainable materials, designing garments that are made to last, and encouraging customers to return unwanted clothes for reuse, so they can turn old t-shirts into new ones. The industry will work with the Government as part of the Resources & Waste Strategy to reduce waste and will continue to find ways to make fashion more sustainable.

“Retailers recognise that much more needs to be done, and have advocated for a number of years for a strengthening of the Modern Slavery Act and greater enforcement of decent working practices in UK factories.”

You can read the Government's response here