We're back with Episode 5 and tackling our biggest issue yet. 

Diversity and Inclusion needs to be built into every level of our businesses practices and wider society, but we aren't always clear how we go from talking the talk, to making positive changes in our workplace.

That's why we talked to Kelly Thomson from RPC, Partner specialising in workplace equality and host of acclaimed podcast The Fix, to find out what changes we can make today to improve hiring practices, workplace culture, and everything in between. We also talked to our Chief Executive Helen Dickinson OBE about the BRC's Diversity & Inclusion Charter, a pledge and framework to help businesses achieve their D&I goals and create more vibrant and empowered workplaces. 

We've also included a run-down of all the headline stats and trends from across the industry, including shop price inflation, shop vacancies, footfall and which retail spending categories led the way in January. 

We hope you enjoy the episode!

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