With the UKCA mark now becoming a familiar mark to retailers and enforcers it's worth considering whether the UK is prepared for next year.

From 2022, manufactured goods placed on the market will need to ensure that the UKCA mark is affixed to goods where there used to be a CE mark.  In some cases, a conformity assessment needs to be carried out by a UK Conformity Assessment Body (CAB). Whether a CAB is needed depends on the product. Some products can be self-certified without the need of a CAB. 

UKAS who accredited CABS define CABs as:

A body undertaking conformity assessment activities including testing, calibration, inspection, certification and validation/verification

The BRC is aware of issues relating to a lack of CABs available to assess conformity for some sectors in particular:

  • pyrotechnics
  • lifts
  • construction products

The UK Government would like CABs to be based in the UK, but there has been a relaxation on the rules for pyrotechnic articles. 

We have been reassured by the government that there will be CABs in place by the end of the year, just before the 31/12/2021 deadline. However, we are concerned that there will be a backlog of products to assess leading to supply chain difficulties.

The BRC will be looking to get regular updates from the government and BEIS/OPSS on the progression of CABs accreditation from UKAS.