From 1st January 2022 most goods that needed CE-marking will require UKCA marking.

The UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed) marking regime is a new product marking that is used for goods being placed on the market in Great Britain (England, Wales and Scotland). It covers most goods that previously required the CE marking and, like the CE mark, demonstrates that all the requirements of the legislation have been met

Products requiring UKCA marking:

  • Toys
  • Recreational craft/personal watercraft
  • Simple pressure vessels
  • Electromagnetic compatibility
  • Non-automatic weighing instruments Measuring instruments
  • Lifts
  • ATEX
  • Radio equipment
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Gas appliances
  • Machinery
  • Equipment for use outdoors
  • Ecodesign products
  • Aerosols
  • Low voltage electrical equipment
  • Restriction of hazardous substances
  • Pressure equipment

You need to understand where you are within the supply chain as these have different roles in ensuring compliance:


The manufacturer is anyone who manufactures a product or has a product designed or manufactured and markets that product under its name or trademark.


The importer is a person who is the first to place goods from an external market onto the market that they are established and operate in.


The distributor is a person, other than the manufacturer, importer or the end user, who makes goods available on the market.

Placing on the market

Placing on the market is defined as the "first making available on the market" (by the manufacturer or the importer). The concept of placing on the market refers to each individual good, not to a type of good and does not necessarily involve the physical transfer of the good (i.e. a product may be stockpiled).