We’ve all seen a system implementation that made huge promises but didn’t deliver the intended benefits. Or a new process that looked impressive in a presentation but was inexplicably impossible to get people to follow. You might have experienced the frustration of campaigns to become more data driven, or to empower colleagues, that were then brushed aside with cynicism on the shop floor. Why does this happen, and how can you break through a culture ‘barrier’? You need to get into the detail of individual behaviours, trusting them to drive transformation in your business, which will also lead to a culture change.

Culture can be an enabler or a detractor. Today we’ll focus on three areas that can have a significant impact on how culture impacts your change efforts:

  • Understanding and influencing the drivers of individual behaviours;
  • Ensuring that leadership behaviours consistently support the culture and changes you are aspiring to; and
  • Creating an environment for change to thrive.
If you fully understand what is driving your team; you ensure that your leadership’s behaviours are consistent with what you’re trying to do; and you’ve created an environment that encourages new ways of working, then you shouldn’t find culture is a stumbling block for your transformation programmes.

We recently held the second in our series of virtual roundtables with the BRC and retail CEOs, to discuss these topics and share experiences. From a bigger series on change and transformation, this event focussed on people and culture. What follows is a selection of the advice and examples from this event, along with some of our thoughts.

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