This article was provided by PwC, the BRC Climate Action Roadmap Pathway 5 Partner


We have set out five broad principles that retailers can use to encourage sustainable behaviours.

These principles underpin the top tips outlined in the practical guide for retailers on 'Helping Customers Live Low-Carbon Lifestyles', which we produced in partnership with the BRC as part of the Climate Action Roadmap.

These five principles are designed to target a broader audience and can be used by all employees in the retail space for both customer-facing and internal employee initiatives. 

The principles, which are based on behavioural economics and science research, can provide valuable insights irrespective of which department employees sit in, whether they are junior staff or marketing executives, the size of the retailer they work for, or which part of the supply chain they belong to.

Many are relatively easy to implement, but have the potential to drive significant behavioural change. They can be used as a guide and to spark imagination, but it is up to the reader to choose what is most relevant for them.

THE BRC CLIMATE ACTION ROADMAP IS an ambitious industry-led initiative designed to get UK retail and its supply chains to Net Zero by 2040.

THANK YOU TO PWC, OUR climate action roadmap PATHWAY 5 PARTNER

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