The UK Government has now published its response to the second Packaging EPR consultation. 


  • The overall costs: overall annual costs of packaging EPR will reduce by £1bn, from £2.7bn in the consultation to now forecasted at £1.7bn.
  • Overall implementation timeline: packaging EPR scheme has been put back by a year from 2023 to 2024. This will involve partial EPR implementation from 1st April 2024 relating to local authorities payments; and full implementation of EPR in 2025 based on modulated fees.
  • Scope: Household packaging waste. Business/Commercial packaging waste collected from businesses and other organisations that pay for the collection of their waste, is out of scope but will be reviewed.
  • The current PRN system will continue until EPR is implemented in full.
  • Obligated businesses: single point of compliance confirmed for producers/importers. De minimis decisions: the threshold for producer recycling obligations and disposal cost payments at £2m turnover and 50 tonnes of packaging
    handled each year will stay as they are now. However, for reporting obligations, both thresholds will lower to £1m turnover and 25 tonnes of packaging handled each year respectively.
  • Litter payments: England and Northern Ireland will not introduce payments for ground litter but only for packaging in street bins. Scotland and Wales will be forming their own proposals for payments relating to ground litter.
  • Modulated fees based on recyclability will be introduced from 2025, rather than 2024.
  • Governance model: the scheme is likely to be run by a public body, based on HM Treasury and ONS early advice. The Government still wishes to see significant industry involvement.

  • The set up of a mandatory takeback scheme for the collection and recycling of fibre-based composite cups (disposable coffee cups) in 2024
  • Mandatory labelling of packaging recyclability with a single labelling format
  • All compostable and biodegradable packaging will have to bear a label saying ‘Do not recycle’ until evidence says it can be collected and composted separately

  • On DRS, glass has been removed from schemes in England and Northern Ireland, but remains included in Wales
  • Recyclable plastic film and flexible packaging is to be collected for recycling from both households and businesses across the UK by 31 March 2027.

  • Packaging recycling waste targets to 2030 confirmed.

BRC is hosting a member's call to discuss the recently announced policy direction and to agree with members on the next key actions. BRC members are invited to join us on Wednesday 6th April at 2pm.

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