1 Exports to the EU

  • Feedback from France and other countries positive in terms of improved compliance and reduced delays
  • New EHCs to meet the changes in EU regulations being made available with guidance. These will need to be used from 20/8 onwards
  • On the above Defra is organising a series of webinars for exporters to the EU from next week – enquiries to traders@defra.gov.uk

 2 Imports to the UK

  • UK continuing to prepare EU MSs and exporting EU food businesses
  • Pre-notification and EHCs will be required for all POAO from October before full certification for all products and physical checks at UK borders from January
  • No confirmation on pre-notification requirement yet
  • Govt working on risk assessment for physical checks from January
  • UK will take light touch initially – slimmed down notification and policy to work with businesses to ensure compliance than stops from day 1

 3 EU readiness for exports to UK

  • UK working with individual member states to highlight border changes
  • Main campaign including adverts in MSs August onwards
  • Defra will be organising webinars for EU exporters summer onwards
  • UK talking to key exporting MSs on vet and specialist capacity to support EHCs – UK trying to give indication of volumes based on data on trade from UK food businesses
  • BDPG updating border operating model to reflect revised border closure timetable of October and January

 4 GB-NI

  • P&R exemption extended until October
  • Movement Assistance Scheme (MAS) likely to be extended until 2023 – enables companies to claim cost of certification
  • No agreement between UK and EU on process from October when the grace period ends, negotiations continue
  • UK likely to publish its proposals for future controls by mid July