1. UK Imports
  • UK assessment of readiness mostly on target in terms of general port and IT readiness
  • Concerns – readiness of EU suppliers, support of some EU Member States (Poland mentioned) and specific UK ports capacity to make checks
  • UK BCPs still being approved and many wont be confirmed until Nov/Dec but Government will confirm commodities they can handle in advance for importers
  • Government still working on contingency plans for ports including Dover and Welsh ports likely to be published shortly
  • Government believes contingency plans will avoid disruption and will prioritise checks of poao
  • UK has laid regulations to extend the import of P&R products including meat preparations until end of December


2  GB-NI
  • Extension of standstill and continued use of STAMNI confirmed this week
  • No time limit from UK on extension but pressure from EU to resolve situation
  • Govt expect both sides to exchange proposals on long term solution at the end of the month
  • Govt recognises has to be a an implementation period to allow businesses adapt to any new regime – it would welcome views on length of that from industry
  • If UK cannot agree solution with EU will not be immediate end of standstill – likely EU will take infraction proceedings forward


3  EHCs
  • Defra still working with EU to confirm new EHCs
  • Defra working on standard SHAs for abattoirs – would welcome views on value for dairy and pet food from industry