Here is the latest on current and future border controls on food including GB-NI, UK ports preparedness and future UK controls 

1   GB-NI

  • Command Paper issued setting out UK’s preferred approach post October
  • Approach would limit paperwork, particularly certification but may require labelling
  • Retailers anxious to understand how complex process would still be and not in favour of on pack labelling
  • EU reaction not positive and likely to be difficult negotiations
  • UK claim no change to current processes until negotiations are complete but difficult to see what that might mean in terms of EU approach to overall trade deal

2   UK-EU

  • Continued reduction in reported friction at the border
  • HMRC issuing guidance on meursing codes
  • New AHR regs continuing to create problems particularly meat and dairy products (chorizo, cheese) imported into GB and then re-exported to EU (poss NI) – Defra aware of problem, working with EU but want retailer feedback on impact
  • Also pending problem with re-export of organic products – EU about to recognise UK as third country but remove current authorisation for UK control bodies – likely to make it impossible to re-export EU organics from GB to other EU MSs

3   UK Preparedness

  • Full list of webinars for EU exporters to UK published (copy on BRC website)
  • All key English ports will be ready – BCPs have not been confirmed but Defra say all key ports have sufficient range of authorisations
  • Kent – checks inland, Sevington will be complete, still working on Dover but contingency plans are in place
  • Welsh ports not ready – partic problem for south wales ports where sites still to be identified – Welsh Govt working with UK on contingency plans, recognise the problem for ROI imports, more information over the Summer
  • Checks – full POAO physical checks Jan 2022 but low risk fruit and veg not until March 2022
  • We are working with FSA to understand likely % of physical checks on food post January

4   P&R

  • UK likely to continue to accept P&R beyond October – at least until Jan 2022
  • UK working on new EHCs for these products
  • UK hoping EU might agree to mutually allow P&R but not guarantee or timeline on any change

5   Customs

  • HMRC tracking delayed customs declarations – first deadline was June (6 months from entry)
  • Scheme runs until end of the year for approved businesses
  • Currently declarations running as anticipated by HMRC