BRC D&I Survey 2022/23 - Data sets

Please login to download a full workbook of the BRC’s D&I Survey data sets, which formed the basis of the 3rd Year Diversity and Inclusion in UK Retail report.

This is the second time data has been collected from BRC Charter signatories on diversity and inclusion metrics. The survey represents a cross-section of the industry and results have been collected directly from a wide range of retail companies. The entire survey sample encompassed 48 signatory companies comprising a workforce of more than 1.2 million (almost 40% of the total retail workforce in the UK.

Respondents provided data across around 70% of the survey categories. Many retailers varied in their data collection capabilities, and accurately accessing and gathering sensitive information about workforce characteristics can be a challenge for many companies. However, of 81 signatories (at the time of the data collection exercise), well over half were able to respond and engage with the survey. For those companies that did provide responses, many were unable to provide a full picture of their workforce characteristics whether through lack of data availability or lack of statistical robustness. 

The legal context is also a very important consideration in data collection. For example, there are specific rules on when organisations can ask for diversity data from prospective employees. Although the law prohibits employers from asking questions about a job candidate's health before shortlisting or making job offers, they can ask questions about health to assess the diversity of job applicants, usually by way of an equal opportunities monitoring form. There are also important data protection obligations that apply to certain types of data gathered. It is also important to remember that employees are under no obligation to disclose diversity data and, in some cases, there may be a reluctance to provide it.


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