We're celebrating the latest step in our D&I Change Programme - the launch of our first D&I data survey. 

We are proud of our industry, but we recognise that we have a long way to go in making an equal playing field.

Created to support retailers take decisive action to reduce inequality in their workforce we'll be capturing and reporting on diversity representation from our D&I Charter signatories. In doing so, we will be able to evidence the breadth of diversity across UK retail and demonstrate the fantastic, inclusive industry we are.

This data will feed-in to a BRC D&I Dashboard which will allow companies to objectively measure their performance and evidence those interventions in action that have enabled material progress and bring areas for improvement into stark reality. 

Our data will measure representation across five protected characteristics - age, disability, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation and will report intersectionality across all levels of the business.

As with all activity on this change programme, access and responding to the BRC's D&I data survey is exclusive for D&I Charter signatories only. The survey and accompanying document have been sent out directly. If you would more information on how to get involved, pleas get in touch with tamara.hill@brc.org.uk