2022 is set to be another ground-breaking year in the continued evolution and development of workers' rights.

The much-anticipated Employment Bill is expected to be announced, bringing with it new legislation, stricter obligations, and the likelihood of audits. Among other changes, the proposed introduction of a single enforcement body is set to have significant implications for retail workforces.

In this session, we reviewed the proposed single enforcement body, why it is being created, the key anticipated changes, and what they could mean for retailers. We paid close attention to how retailers might respond to actual and anticipated changes to laws affecting workers' rights to fair pay, such as national minimum wage, holiday pay, and statutory sick pay.

Roubler provided insight into how retailers can take a proactive approach to achieve compliance by implementing systems and processes which alleviate pressure through best practice and automation.

Join Roubler and RPC for this compliance masterclass, watch as they unravel what is being proposed, discover how this will affect the retail sector, and learn how you can protect your business in 2022 and beyond.


Didn’t get a chance to join us live? No problem, you can watch the event on-demand.

Thanks to Ellie Bristow, Account Executive at Roubler; to Patrick Brodie, Partner at RPC; to our Director of Business & Regulation, Tom Ironside, and everyone who joined.