Labour and skills shortages have been an acute issue in many sectors of the economy in the last year, including retailers. Some members have reported difficulties accessing people with the right skill set, while others mentioned attraction and retention as an issue. 

The next HR Community meeting will offer an opportunity for members to share their perceptions and that will shape our work going forward. But in the meantime, we want to explore opportunities that are already available, especially in terms of training and some immigration routes and training. 

The Home Office has put together comprehensive guidance on the new immigration system, which actually works as a one-stop shop when thinking about how to access labour and skills.

The guidance not only covers immigration routes with infographics but also includes training options currently available that members can utilise or can source candidates from. 

In terms of training, the government also launched the Skills for Life campaign, highlighting the range of training and employment schemes available for businesses wanting to boost their workforce capabilities. This includes apprenticeships, traineeships, T-Levels, and others. The campaign aims to raise awareness of the opportunities and help adults decide which is the right course or qualification for them. While we continue to advocate for apprenticeship levy reform, we are keen to hear if/how members are benefiting from the others forms of training available.