Sustainability, in its various iterations, has rapidly become one of the central drivers for consumer purchasing behaviours. Whether it be a product’s impact on wildlife, climate change, whether it is locally sourced, or a shift towards plant-based diets, there are a range of consumer trends that have the potential to accelerate as the country reopens.

As we have now reached stage 4 in the lifting of restrictions, EY and the BRC have come together to produce a series of insights into how the consumer of the future will act and buy, to help retail leaders plan for the months and years ahead.

In this second session of the Future Consumer Series, we look at the growing importance of sustainability for the retail industry, both so we can lessen our ecological impact on the planet and connect better with the modern retail customer.

In this session, we looked at how consumer preferences shifted by country, age and product category, the differences between consumer attitudes and how they actually buy, quality perception, consumer trust and much more.

With the report set to be released shortly, this webinar session is the opportunity to get a sneak peek at critical insights that can help your business decisions today.

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