in a new development, every fortnight any BRC member will be able to drop in at a virtual surgery to raise any (property-related) issue with me, the BRC's Property Policy Adviser.

I will be available for an hour every other Tuesday at 3.30pm to update members on BRC work and to respond to any questions or thoughts you might have.

This is in addition to the fortnightly Property Community calls, which take place every other Wednesday at 3pm.

Of course I am also available at any time (during office hours!) via email or phone for members to contact me. These surgeries do not supplant this availability - they supplement it with a semi-structured opportunity to discuss issues/thoughts/feedback.

Any and all members are welcome - the aim is to increase member access to the BRC's team, particularly for those who do not want to raise issues in more public Community calls or who simply can't make the Wednesday 3pm time (the surgeries are held in the weeks between Property Community calls, so in each week there will either be a Community meeting or a surgery).

Please don't hesitate to get in touch at any time and I will forward the invite for the meeting.

The first one is this coming Tuesday, 17th November, at 3.30pm - I look forward to speaking with colleagues then!