With many organisations now over the initial Brexit planning, organisations are taking stock of the landscape including the duty paid on the movement of goods and the utilisation (or not!) of FTAs.

Deloitte have been working with a number of organisations where a review of their data from Jan 2021 indicates in many cases significant savings opportunities.

These have included:

  • Preference ‘missed’ on the movement of goods from the EU to UK. We have worked with organisations where this is in the multi millions for the period.
  • Broker charges where there are additional charges per line,  per additional HS codes or a lack of consolidation meaning that the number of declarations or cost per declaration is significant.
  • Under use of PIVA resulting in cash flow impact

In the webinar, Deloitte talked through what they have seen in the market and how organisations can review their duty position to reclaim duty retrospectively but also to implement savings programmes going forward.


Didn’t get a chance to join us live? No problem, you can watch the event on-demand.

Thanks to our Partners at Deloitte ​and to everyone who joined.