The Trade and Co-operation Agreement between the UK and the EU includes new Rules of Origin, stipulating which goods are, and are not, subject to zero tariffs.

In our most recent webinar, our Trade Policy Expert, William Bain, along with our partners at Deloitte laid out how the rules will work in practice, and what you need to be aware of now. 

The new rules are very complex, with different rules applying to non-specific and product specific goods, as well as complications in how zero tariffs are applied to these goods when they cross in and out of different customs territories.

The webinar is available to view on demand now, and is perfect for colleagues looking for:

  • Guidance on the processes for claiming zero tariffs on non-specific and product specific goods - including what supporting documentation and suppliers’ declarations you need.
  • Advice on what you can do to mitigate the impacts and associated costs of the new Rules on your business.

You can watch the webinar on demand now using the form below: