Here is the latest briefing on progress with the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill 

  1. Parliament
  • The Bill has passed Second Reading in the House of Commons
  •  The Committee Stage begins on the 13th July where MPs can raise amendments
  • Bill still expected to take a long time to pass through Parliament due to opposition in the House of Lords
  • Likely wont pass through Parliament until 2023


2   Developing Detailed Delivery
  • The Act gives Government power to suspend elements of the NI Protocol
  • Detailed delivery will be through secondary legislation
  • Government will work with industry over Summer to develop detailed plans
  • Delivery will focus on 2 areas – border model and dual regulation


3   Border Model
  • Will be a green lane and red lane
  • Green lane – products moved by a trusted trader which will remain in NI
  • Green lane – limited information required, commercial documentation and confirmation of delivery in NI
  • Red Lane – products moving through NI to ROI and EU single market


4   Dual Regulation
  • Products for NI market can comply with either EU or UK regulation


5   Engagement
  • Government departments working with industry sectors on specific elements of the Bill
  • We are trying to ensure they cover as much as possible to maximise your engagement
  • Defra holding calls on dual regulation and SPS elements of border model
  • We are waiting for BEIS to confirm how they will cover non food regulatory issues
  • HMRC organising call on customs and border model, likely end of next week