Retail Jobs Report

Don’t Build Back Better – Build Forward!

Kyle Monk, Director of Insight at the British Retail Consortium, said:

"As we enter April there is some cause for cautious optimism for the retail sector. The third wave of COVID cases is subsiding, over half the adult population have had their first vaccination jab, the re-opening of ‘non-essential retail’ is imminent. While unknowns and risk factors remain, both in terms of future COVID caseloads and the return of consumer demand, we expect the next six months to reflect a phase of recovery for the retail sectors.

"This recovery will not be a return to the retail industry of 2019, while some behaviour change related to COVID has been temporary others, such as the increase in consumer shopping online, will be permanent. Our industry was already undergoing a transformation prior to the outbreak of the pandemic, which has been greatly accelerated under Covid. The workforce of the future needs to reflect the needs of the modern consumer and we anticipate that by 2030 there will be considerable change to the size and composition of the retail workforce."



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