Thematic Analysis

COVID Exit Strategy Analysis

This report, updated weekly, will provide an up to date view of the response to COVID-19 within relevant countries at various stages of social distancing. For each tracked country the report will detail a timeline events, mitigation measures taken by retailers or government, and how each country is tackling the exit from imposed isolation. These examples will be used to support conversations with government as the UK begins to relax movement restrictions within the UK.

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We will be adding more evidence on a weekly basis, if you are a retailer operating in other markets, please get in touch.

As of 09/07/2020:

  • EuroCommerce Policy Talks including key points
  • Update of COVID-19 timeline charts including 'Total Cases', 'Daily New Cases', 'New Cases vs New Recoveries' and 'Active Cases'

As of 05/05/2020:

  • Included details of French zonal exit strategy
  • Included details of Spanish four point exit plan including commercial quotas.
  • Added point highlighting footfall impact of Germany's opening of stores under 800 sq/m
  • Added COVID case charts for each country.

As of 28/04/2020:

  • Added global view of exit readiness
  • Included  imminent actions to be taken in: Czech Republic, Spain, Norway, France, Greece, Austria, Albania, Portugal.
  • Included deep dive of Czech republic

As of 21/04/2020:

  • Added imminent actions to be taken in: Czech Republic, Germany, Norway & Poland.
  • Added existing restrictions that have been lifted in: Italy, Spain, Austria, Denmark, Slovenia, Belgium, Bulgaria.
  • Added Deep dives for: France, Italy, Denmark, Austria, Germany, Hong Kong, Belgium.


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