The coronavirus is having an impact on all levels of society, particularly the most vulnerable people who have to rely on food banks and charitable giving. However the pandemic is also having an impact on the ability for businesses to continue to supply goods to people in need.

We invite retailers who are seeking to support vulnerable people during this coronavirus crisis – for example through food surplus distribution, or donating goods – to get in touch with us to overcome any barriers they are facing.

We need to know:

1.   What barriers you are facing? Please provide as much detail as possible

2.   What solutions you envisage to overcome these barriers?

  • This could be a temporary change in the law, supply of qualified staff, etc

3.   What goods you are able to donate?

All suggestions are welcome. Please contact Peter and Leah.

Where possible we will work with Government and other stakeholders to overcome these barriers to help you provide that support to those who need it most.

Thank you

Peter Andrews

Head of Sustainability Policy, BRC