The clock is ticking for brands, retailers and suppliers to tackle environmental, social and governance (ESG) challenges head on.

Sourcing more fairly and sustainably, by creating robust, resilient and successful cotton and raw material supply chains, is at the heart of achieving ESG targets.

Of course, reducing carbon emissions – and adapting to a changing climate – is crucial in protecting and restoring our natural world while cutting your overall impact.

But just as important is supporting the wellbeing and livelihood of people, particularly in rural farming communities. The future success of businesses everywhere is dependent on their ability to adapt, thrive and succeed.

And the companies that can deliver their products in a transparent way can build trust and loyalty with customers, helping them to grow and lead the way.

With headquarters in London, and on-the-ground teams across the world, CottonConnect can help you improve the sustainability of your global textile supply chains. This enables producers and raw material farmers to work more responsibly and enjoy better livelihoods.

Our work helps brands to access more sustainable cotton and other natural fibres, creating a more transparent and resilient supply chain that will continue to deliver the best cotton, now and in the future.