Retail is incredibly important to the UK: for consumer choice, product innovation and job creation. Retailers need a strong collective voice to both tell the story of retail and shape the debate around the issues and opportunities that matter. That voice is provided by the BRC. We want to add yours.​​

Whilst working to influence Government and minimise cost pressures, through our role-based communities, the team of BRC experts deliver a range of services which also add tangible value back to our individual retail members. The communities help members grow their networks, get the operational support they need, gain insights through benchmarking and protect their brands through collective responses to media, driving change and proactively developing standards to prevent crises.​​

The cost of joining as a Retail member is based on the size of your business and a rate card assessed on your UK turnover. Trade association membership cost is based upon how many members it represents.​​

Download our member value statement to learn more about the value we delivered to our members in 2022.