Buying Community

At the heart of retail is the need to provide customers with safe, legal products that meet their requirements. Failing to do so can be catastrophic, physically, financially and reputationally.

Focusing on non-food the Buying Community works closely with members to increase their understanding of the issues relating to the safety of non-food products and to influence policy and effectively manage risks


  • Non-food Technical Directors
  • Policy Managers, Regulatory Managers
  • Product Safety Managers, Technical, Development and Quality Assurance Managers




Ensuring safe products for consumers   Clear visibility on the new regulatory system post Brexit, including REACH, CE marking and new product standards

 Delivering For members 

Community Manager


Retail Products Policy Adviser

David is an experienced policy and technical professional with a strong background in policy development, regulatory, safety, and risk assessments, both in the UK and internationally. He spent over 30 years at Tesco in UK and Group Policy, Trading Law and Technical.

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