At the heart of retail is the need to provide customers with safe, compliant products that meet their requirements. Failing to do so can be catastrophic, physically, financially and reputationally. 

Focusing on non-food, the Buying Community works closely with members to increase their understanding of issues that relate to the safety of non-food products. We also use our substantial membership base to influence policy and lobby for positive change within retail. 

For examples of recent policy wins on behalf of members from this and other communities, check out our Member Value Statement.


Within the Buying Community are the following Working Groups. To join these groups, please email Adrian Simpson.

  • Buying Community Group: The place to share any non-food compliance issues. Discuss topics of the day in confidence with other retailers. Get the latest on what’s happening and what’s coming up in product safety.
  • Household Goods Group: If you sell cosmetics, cleaning products or chemicals then this is the group for you. Get exclusive updates from other retailers, influencers and key decision makers in household goods. This group also provides access to training on areas such as REACH and PFAS.


  • Non-food Technical Directors
  • Policy Managers, Regulatory Managers
  • Product Safety Managers, Technical, Development and Quality Assurance Managers
  • Associate Members

Community Manager

Adrian Simpson

Retail Products Policy Adviser

Adrian joined the BRC in 2021 following a career in trading standards. Prior to the BRC Adrian worked at both the Chartered Trading Standards Institute and QA Scheme Support Services LTD, helping businesses to comply with rules and regulations. He is a Chartered Trading Standards Practitioner and passionate about helping members to supply goods that are safe and compliant.

Contact Adrian by email.